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Ominous - Self Titled (review by Pete)

I tossed this demo into my cd player and didn't really know what to expect and Ominous delivered the goods in a big way.  The quality of the recording is decent for a demo and you can tell these guys did their metal homework with some sweet heavy riffs that brought me back to the late 80's.  This three-piece from New Jersey show their metal roots loud and clear as they play a cool mix of death and black metal with some of the most wicked blast beats I've heard in a while.

Some of the heaviest riffs reminded me of some of Obituary at times but the vocals from guitar player/singer Victor were beyond brutal.  This guy can really belt it out - sometimes down in the depths with some insane death metal growling and then busting out a shrill scream like he's getting knifed in the back.  Or maybe it's some poser scum he's running down in the process?  His guitar work was good, with some cool mood music to intro a couple of the tracks that reminded me of old Testament at times.  The bass player Eric, and drummer Jayson also did a good job of holding the bottom end down, as all metal bands must do.  

The song "13 Years of Pain" is going to be featured on the Heavycore DVD "Roasting Posers Volume I" and it was probably my favorite track on the demo.  Very kick ass band with some good old school roots.  Check them out for sure at 

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Welcome to New Jersey. These guys got some real brutality going on here. Some of the best death metal I have heard in a while. Wile listening I noticed Some extremely fast blast beats that melt into a killer rythem. I listened to this cd about 2 hours straight trying to find somthing wrong with it. And I was happily disapointed. In a market so heavily saturated with new death metal bands, it seems like I have been lucky enough to find a few different bands this year that just force you to break your neck banging your head to them, and this is one.
From the outstart, a killer intro fallowed by some blasting beats that work into the track"What Is There For ME". this tracked gets your chest pumped to prepare for the other tracks. By the time I looked up I was into the 7th track, This is a very easy disc to lose time too. I will not review each song sepratly because I could say so much about each song. I will tell you that I could not choose a favorite. At the point I thought my neck was going to snap it goes into a guitar insrumental? They do it great. Then it works into the next track which starts out like another guitar instramental. Then it goes into brutal as hell riffs which by that time I had to sit back and take a breath to catch up. I have not one bad thing to say about these guys. MAKE SURE TO CHECK THEM OUT. Check the links page to find out more about them.

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Ominous is a Death Metal band from USA, not to mistake with the Swedish DM combo of the same name. Victor (Lead vocals/guitars), and Jay (Drums) gathered in 2001 and released a four songs Demo the same year.
Eric is added on bass in 2003, and, strong of 3 members, Ominous began to play Live in their area, in New Jersey (opened for Kataklysm & Suffocation), at The Milwaukee Metalfest 2003, in New York City (Opened for Deicide in Sept.03, will also play November 2, 2003 + Opening for Dying Fetus December 20, 2003), and some shows are also set for Chicago.
Ominous present here their debut CD, self released, composed of 11 tracks of energetic Death Metal, some short tracks executed in a vivid and incisive style. The Intro is made like a horror film with frightening guests noises, murders and terrified screams, that set up the atmospheres of this forceful and restless album.
Sharp riffs and pronounced drumming shape an effective old school style, as in the second 'What is There for Me', played on a mid tempo alternated with ultra fast parts, or the more grinding '13 years of Pain', marked by broken riffs and drum beats on the instrumental passage.
The tracks are varied, and the sudden and short acceleration of the drumming on the rawer parts add brutality and energy to Ominous style, as in the longer and pounding 'Emptiness'. This track even develops some melodic riffs in the intro, guest noises also a solo, and sustained alternated vocals. The guttural yet raspy Death Metal vocals alternate with more screamed tones on the brutal parts, and lower growls dwell the catchier passages. The different vocals fit perfectly the changing style, as on 'Tears of Fear', where screamed vocals mark the ultra fast parts, while low and balanced DM growls add heavier touch to the slow yet doomy break.
One of the highlight is 'Lifeless', a changing track opened with softer riffs, then ultra fast parts alternated with short breaks that are enhanced by a dynamic and outstanding guitar work. Ominous keep a balanced and effective Death Metal style, with at times a more modern sound as on the rhythmic 'Intercorpse', or more extreme tones, like on the short and ultra violent 'Dead Cunt', punctuated by the scanned and screamed vocals. Several changes mark the longer tracks & thicken their genuine style as on the powerful 'The Sleeper', raised by a more muffled guitar sound, several breaks and an acoustic outro.
Ominous even dare some darker tones, as on the nostalgic 'Rank', an atmospheric tune contrasting with the other compositions. These acoustic and melodic lines also mark the last and instrumental 'Heart of Sorrow'.
This release strikes as a slap, a good album of brutal & varied Death Metal, get it and headbang, recommended! The layout is a bit succinct but the 11 energetic tracks composing this outstanding album largely make up for this detail, that will for sure be improved as the band will find a Label to set their releases on a proper format. Ominous are so looking for a Label