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Written by Esoteric ED   

Friday, 08 July 2005
OMINOUS is a three piece New Jersey based Death Metal band. After reading many adds and articles on the brutal band I had to get interview and check out there stuff.

What are your Name's and what do you do in your band?
I'm Vic Vocals/Guitars, Jayson Drums, Drew, Bass

Who are your influences?
Obituary, Cradle Of Filth, Cryptopsy, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, The List Goes On.

What are the Reasons you choose the style your band plays over any other type of music?
The Anger, The Aggression, and the Purity Of PAIN!!

Why or How did your band choice the name of your band?
After Months of searching and no Set name , I was watching Final Destination 2 and in the scene where the Blond Girl is in padded room She say (Have you ever scene anything Creepy Or Ominous) and I was like thats it!!!! thats how we got the Name A Fucking Movie hahaha

What is your favorite song to perform? Why?
we have two favs, thats Battered and 13 years of Pain, We love those cause the Crowd Just Goes NUTS!!!! the Pits are unbelievable

What is the most enjoyable part about performing?
The Fans They Are The Best they destroy the place

What's the best/worst experience you have had so far playing live?
hahaha Thats Easy, well the Best was when we played the Doomsday Festival in Milwaukee that was Just Insane the Crowd Showed us So much Love by Screaming, Moshing, and just bumrushingthe stage, and the worst was when we played a club in NYC and the Drum Riser was so small that our Drummer Jay Fall off backwards Funny Shit but thats the worst so far hahah.

Do you have any advice for people starting a band?
Dedication, Hard Work and don't give up The work Pays off in the end

What Instruments do you use?What brands do you prefer to use?
 I Use B.C. Rich and my Custom Signature Series The Desecrator by Yavcon Guitars, Jay Uses Tama Drums, And Drew Uses I forget hahah

What do you feel your band brings to the scene?
Originality Death Metal With Groove, A Whole new Sound

How do you describe your sound?
There are No Words To Describe our sound we sound Like No one out there and No one sounds Liek Us, We Mix Black Metal, Death Metal, Grind Metal, New Metal, Stir it up and you Get Ominous

Who are some of your favorite bands to play with and/or bands you would like to play with?
So far our Favorite bands that we played with are Deicide, Suffocation, Kataklysm. We would love to play with Obituary, Cradle Of Filth, Soon Tho!!

If you had to pick a band that doesn't get the respect or exposure they deserve, whom would you pick?
Malevolent Creation

Do you have any professional releases? If so where were they done? Do you like the recording?
We have a Debute Album Coming Out this July from Rotting Corpse Records, And we Recorded that at the Shed Studios in New Jersey and the Recording was great we are very Happy With it.

What Band(s) annoy you the most? Why?
We get annoyed with bands that act Stupid on stage Like Yelling at the Crowd for Not Moshing, Saying just plain ole STUPID SHIT!! Be Professional

With the emergence of Screamo/Emo bands saturating then scene how do you think you can help change the ongoing trend?
 Sure! We bring Brutal Music But with style, that kids who listen to these new type band can get into.

What venues do you like playing in most? Why?
We like playing the small clubs, cause the Crowd is right there in your Face a real Connection, Better than the Big places where the Security can let the kids get near the stage.

What's your feel on the whole mp3 or bootleg trading on the Internet?
 It sucks, us Musicians need to Make A living, If the People who bootleg the Music love the bands that they are downloading, Buy there shit so they can have the $$$ to make another Album.

What's in your CD player? What do you and your band listen too most together?
in My CD Player I have Behemoth, carcass, as for the Band Together anything Heavy Too many bands to list.

Do you think cover art is just as important as the music? If so Give some reasons why?
Yeah you need the right cover art to go with your music,
The cover shows the Fan what they are getting into People do judge a book by it's cover.

Whats the worst experience you had playing live?
When My Equipment started acting Screwy My Distortion would turn Off and Go into Clean Guitar, Not a very Good Time haha

Is there anything else you would like to add to this interview?
 I would LIke To add that our Debute album is coming out this July and we just finished filming our First Professional Video For the Song 13 YEars Of Pain which will be on MTV2's Headbangers Ball sometime this summer, You can see behind the Scenes Footage on check out our Temp Website